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Code Test

  1. About Gaymers
    1. Houston Gaymers is:
      1. Founded
      2. LGBT+ and Allies
  • 501(c)(3) non profit
  1. Largest in the Nation with XXX members
  1. Mission
    1. To provide a community safe haven and Social network
    2. Promote community awareness (testing, voter registration, etc)
  2. Our community involvement
    1. Aids Walk Houston
    2. Bunnies on the Bayou
  • Extra Life
  1. Houston Gaymers holiday toy drive
  2. Food Drive
  1. Achievements
    1. Back-to-back winners of Outsmart Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award
      1. Favorite Social Organization 2014
      2. Favorite Social Organization 2015
    2. Partnerships


  1. Discovery Green
  2. Les Givrals (Washington)
  • Meteor
  1. Red Bull
  2. Bedrock Comics
  3. 8th Dimension
  • Alamo Draft House
  • Sundance Cinemas
  1. Texas Children’s Hospital
  2. Extra Life


  1. What is Project Blue Shell/ Purpose
    1. What’s a Blue Shell
    2. What’s in the box?
    3. How much is it?
  2. Benefits of gaming to sick kids
    1. Benefits to Hospitals/ Affiliated smaller clinics
  3. How can I help?
    1. Levels of sponsorship
    2. Partial Donations
  4. Contact us


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